Cub Scout Badges

Cub Scouts Challenge Badges

This term we embark on our mission to achieve our Cub Scout Creative Challenge badge, these special badges are awarded when Cubs demonstrate endeavour and knowledge in their chosen badge field.

Aside from the individual endeavour badges that our Cubs regularly undertake, as a pack we try to complete special ‘Challenge’ badges once a term. There are 7 challenge badges in total to be awarded:

  • Outdoor Challenge Badge
  • Community Challenge Badge
  • Creative Challenge Badge
  • Global Challenge Badge
  • Fitness Challenge Badge
  • Promise Challenge Badge
  • Outdoor Plus Challenge Badge

If a cub scout completes all 6 of the challenges (excluding Outdoor Plus) then they can be awarded the Chief Scouts Silver Award The highest accolade awarded in the cubs movement.

The Creative Challenge Badge for Cubs

The Creative Challenge Badge

For this coming spring term our focus is to gain the Creative Challenge Badge for the whole pack. Our cubs will need to demonstrate a keen enthusiasm for the creative tasks coming ahead. The challenge itself is to complete three of the following tasks to achieve the award.

  1. Create and then read or perform a prayer, reading or sketch for a service,
    about the Promise. This should include why the Promise is important
    to them or how they have used the Promise to help other people. This
    could be done individually or in a small group.
  2. Plan and perform a musical performance, play or sketch.
  3. Create two new games for the Pack.
  4. Design and make something, for example, a bird house, model or kite.
  5. Create something using information technology, for example a birthday card, party invitation, or poster.
  6. Make a creative presentation about an aspect of Cub Scouting. This could be
    in the form of a video, photos or posters. It could show the activities you enjoy doing, a Cub camp, or be used for recruiting new members.
  7. Write a poem or short story on a subject of your choice.
  8. Design and make something using pioneering skills, this could be a raft or a scaled down model of a bridge.
  9. Take part in a problem-solving activity that requires creative thinking.
    This could be an incident hike or a code-breaking activity at camp.

There are particular areas of focus for our pack, notably promotion of the pack, using pioneering skills and developing creative performance. It is set to be an exciting term of events for the cubs and let’s hope we can achieve our goal in the coming weeks.